Filmology in Pune

Immerse yourself in 24 Months of hands-on, cutting-edge training, and kick-start your career in the creative industries. Design Maniac is the first preference when you search for Filmology in Pune. With us, students get a chance to learn from award-winning Film and TV professionals in a collaborative environment, and quickly gain the firm grounding and practical skills you need to achieve your goals.

At Design Maniac, we fulfill all your needs when you look for Filmology in Pune. Our course immerses students in every aspect of practical filmmaking from the creative to the technical. Learn necessary field-relevant skills, from current Film and TV professionals and gain the knowledge and experience to further your career.

Filmology Course in Pune

Design Maniac offers a course under Filmology in Pune.
Diploma in Filmology
In this highly competitive world, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge that provides a decent job as well as long-term sustainability. Here at Design Maniac, we not only train students in academics but an overall development of the student is ensured. Our Filmology course in Pune covers all the necessary aspects of the animation industry and makes sure that you are job ready after the completion of the course.

  • COURSE DURATION: 24 Months
  • COURSE PATTERN: 4 Semesters of six months each
  • MINIMUM ELIGIBILITY: Students who have appeared or cleared 10th or 12th or Graduation.


Semester 1 Drawing & Sketching, English, Personality Development and Soft Skills, Photography (Both still and video), Acting, Hardware & Networking, Audio Editing, Computer Graphics and Print Media.
Semester 2 Introduction to 3D, Inorganic Object Creation, Creating Organic Models, Assigning Textures, Creating Mapping, Procedural Maps, Creating Lights, Principles of Photometry, Photorealistic Light, Natural Lights, Animation, Using Animation Editors, Using Cameras, Accomplishing Final Output, Dynamic Simulation-1.
Semester 3 Advance 3D, Advance Modeling of Inorganic and Organic Objects, Advance Texturing, Texture Nodes, Connecting and Disconnecting Nodes, Advance Maps, Advance Lights, Creating Light Nodes, Advance Animation, Using Editors, Handling Camera, Using 3-D Camera, Rendering Output, Advance Dynamic Simulation.
Semester 1 Video Editing, Compositing-1, Compositing-2 (Node Based) and Fluid Simulation. Specialization and Show-reel preparation.