Video Editing

Video Editing Course In Pune

Design Maniac is the leading and well-established institute in Pune offering professional Video editing course in Pune. Remarkably technical yet exceedingly artistic, a career in television and film editing is both creative and monetarily satisfying. At Design Maniac, we emphasize on providing in-depth training and learning through our Video editing course in Pune which is crafted after rigorous research by our expert faculty.

Our Video editing course in Pune is recognized internationally by big production and filmmaking houses and MNC’s associated with the post production industry. We train our students on the latest software of video editing such as FCP, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. Our students are trained professionally and also artistically so that they can think what part of the movie should be included or what part should be excluded.

Video Editing Training In Pune

The basic objective of our Video editing course in Pune is to make internationally standard video editors who would be able to work anywhere in the world as video editors and compositors either as a freelance video editor or with a video editing studio. Our course has the most popular software in teaching both video and audio editing to increase the student’s employability with a flexible schedule laced with team projects, seminars, assignments and portfolio development.

Video editing is the process by which we can edit the different segments of video footage, special effects and sound recordings. The Modules of our Video editing course in Pune include:

  • Broadcast Design
  • Non Linear editing
  • 3D compositing
  • Media Management
  • Sound compositing
  • Visual Effects
  • Sync Sound with Video
  • Portfolio and Placement

Under our Video editing course in Pune, students will be taught the basic to advance of video editing for film and televisions. Our course is relatively more comprehensive and detailed than most other Video editing course in Pune. Video editing Projects would be carried out by students as group class work and team projects. These projects would be assessed by industry experts as well as professionals that carry out some form of video editing service.

Syllabus of our Video editing course in Pune:

Overview and History of Video Editing Understanding Titles and Graphics
Basic Concepts in Video Editing Composition and Key Framing
Different Techniques in Video Editing Color Correction
Importance of Video Editing Finishing
Different Types of Editing including Linear and Non Linear Basic Effects
Film and Television editing 2d Editor
Understanding the Cables, Tapes & Video Tape Graphic Titling
Understanding the Monitors and Timeline Dissolves, Pre-Defined Transitions & Cross Fades
Sound Editing Hands on Practice on Premier Pro
Transitions and Filters Hands on Practice on after effects