Design Maniac is one of the premier colleges in and around Pune, imparting training in various areas of education. Started in 2007, the college has come a long way. Within this small span of 7 years, the college has designed careers of more than 1000 students who are already doing jobs in different companies and earning handsome salaries.
Presently the college is conducting courses in various academic arenas that includes Designing, IT, Mechanical, Civil and Vocational. College is awarding both Diploma and Certificates as well as UGC recognized B.Sc. degree. We have the privilege to be the only college in Maharashtra to run Maharashtra Government affiliated program.
We understand the need of Digitization and fully support ‘DIGITAL INDIA’ campaign of our Prime Minster. To achieve Digital India, knowledge of computer is extremely necessary and this is the reason that all the courses run by the college are computer based.
Design Maniac has been awarded Education Excellence Award and has been given 4 star rating by Just Dial. Google has rated the college by 4.4 stars and Facebook rating is 4.9 stars.
College is moving ahead and planning to introduce more Post-Graduation courses also in the future. At present education is undergoing a major change in India and it is becoming difficult to decide which course and which college to choose from. In today’s world it would certainly be not right to choose an educational program purely from the job placement point of view. Presently the economic conditions in the country are so vibrant that an educational program/college that ensures long term sustainability rather than a short term promise of job should be chosen.
Animation has come a long way in India but is still in infant stages pertaining mostly to entertainment industry like movies, TV serials, advertisements etc. Entertainment industry is one industry in the world that can never close down. Actually this industry is flourishing like anything and this is the kind of industry that ensures long term sustainability. Even other courses run by the college also ensure this sustainability. This is the reason that here at Design Maniac, we not only train students in academics but an overall development of the student is ensured.
We look forward to welcoming you aboard for an unforgettably enriching experience with us.