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Name Design Maniac means Designing like a Maniac. We teach our students designing concepts like a maniac and they also enter this industry like a maniac. Design Maniac provides training in essential skills at an entry level to students aspiring for a rewarding career in Animation and Design which are highly creative fields. Thus it is the school of creative skills and hence the name ‘Design Maniac’. Our intake is raw talent and we transform their personality and equip them with the necessary skills that are highly sought by the Animation and Design industry.

Our Vision

We believe that the best way to predict future is to create it and our vision is to Create Future.

Our Mission

No youth shall remain Un-Educated and Un-Employed.
Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Welcome From Director

Welcome to Design Maniac. We are leading design college with a 14-year-long tradition of higher education in animation, interior design
and numerous professional disciplines. We also support and encourage
internationally-connected research collaborations around basic and
applied problems, in the hope of changing the world for the better.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us.
Swapnil Oswal

Windows Of Opportunity

Design Maniac helps to prepare talents from under represented backgrounds for successful student careers.
  • Strong Student Community
  • Award Winning Performance
  • Collaboration with External Organizations
  • Associated with various Production Houses
  • Live projects to students
Animation, Interior Design, VFX
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Why Choose Us

We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum
is developed to encourage new ideas.
Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Intellectually Diverse

Diverse raw talents can be molded in such a way that the become intellectual giants.

Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Driven By Our Curiosity

If you are curious about everything then only you can learn new things.

Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Our Scholarship

Talent should be encouraged and you may become eligible for our scholarship if you are talented.

Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Globally Focused

All over world, colleges cater to their own country but we create talents for the whole globe.

Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Idea Generation

Every invention started with an idea. Imagination is the essence of everyone's life .

Animation, Interior Design, VFX

Teaching Methods

Here at Design Maniac, we adopt traditional as well as innovative teaching methodology.

Our Students' Stories

This is what our students say about us.

Our Team

Creating a dedicated, knowledgeable and experience team is not an easy job. But we call ourselves extremely luck to have this team.

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