Diploma in Graphic Multimedia Animation

Course Description

Graphic Design deals with beautification of any product. This 1 year graphic design program offers an array of opportunities as it forays into various industries like electrical appliances, furniture, footwear, accessories and more.

Product design offers a huge array of opportunities for the designers. It forays into various industries like electrical appliances, kitchen wares, furniture, footwear, accessories, electronic gadgets, etc.
Graphic Design students at Design Maniac are exposed to all of them in the first few months of the course. This allows them explore the various available opportunities and then on the basis of their interest they can pursue their choice of industry.

You will learn

o Introduction to Computers & Internet
o Drawing and Sketching
o Color Theory
o Typography
o Computer Graphics Part 1 : Adobe Photoshop
o Computer Graphics Part 2 : Adobe Illustrator
o Technical and Creative Writing
o Introduction to Multimedia and its Application
o Developing Presentations
o Design Principles
o Print Media Part 1 : Coral Draw
o Print Media Part 2 : Quark Express
o Basic Art and Visualization
o Fundamental of computer and multimedia and internet
o Approaching Vector Graphics
o Graphic Designing Core Skills and Tools – Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw
o Graphic Design portfolio(Project)

Career Opportunities

  • Graphic Designer
  • Advertizing Art Director
  • Ad Agency
  • Tv Production House
  • 2D Game Designer
  • E-Learning Modules
  • etc..

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