B.Sc. (Animation & Mulimedia)

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Your level of education will get your foot in the door when it comes to certain jobs and your lack of education will limit you far more than a lack of experience will limit you in many cases. As time grows on, more and more companies are seeking employees that have degrees rather than those who have experience in the field. If you hope to remain competitive in the business world you need to arm yourself with the proper education. The objectives is to provide factual information allowing understanding of the complexities of the “World of Graphics & Animation” with the emphasis on basic science, principals involved in sector. The scope of this course has been designed in such way that its application is inter dependent in all the aspects of the media industry across the world.

Course Duration : 36 Months
Course Pattern : Semesterwise
Minimum Eligibility : Students who have appeared or cleared 12th.
Course Layout :


Gurukul Paramparik Vishay
I Semester Fundamentals of Computers and MS Office, Fundamentals of Animation and Design, Graphic Design – I, Concept of Graphics and Illustration, English Communication – IDesigning Elements, Complete Film Making Process, Story and Screenplay Writing, Acting, Word Processing,
II Semester Drawing for Animation, Graphic Design – II, Principles and Techniques of Animation, Script Writing and Story Boarding, English Communication – IIHuman Psychology, English, Personality Development, Soft Skills, Photography
III Semester Audio and Video – Editing, Animation and Interactivity, Production Process of 2D Animation, English Communication-IIIBasic Accounting, Financial Management, Marketing Management
IV Semester 3D Modeling, Animation, Advanced Modeling, English Communication – IVHuman Resource Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management
V Semester Advance 3D – Modeling and Texturing, Lighting and Rendering, Rigging and AnimationPortfolio Management, Interview Skills, Mock Interviews, Show-reel Preparation
VI Semester Digital Compositing, Fundamentals of Dynamics, Environmental Studies, Production Process of 3D AnimationMaking Your Own Short Film, Creative workshops, Industry visits, Guest Lectures
Internship Program Mandatory Internship Program for Industry Exposure 
Extra-curricular ActivitiesCreative workshops, Guest Lectures, Exhibitions, Artificial Intellegence 
Career Opportunities
  • Graphic Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Web Designer
  • 2D and 3D Animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Story Board Artist
  • Flash Designer
  • Compositor
  • VFX Artist
  • Texturing Artist
  • Lighting & Rendering Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Visualizer
  • Etc…

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