Diploma in VFX Plus
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The word Visual Effects or VFX rings bells in your mind and movies like Bahubali, Om Shanti Om, OMG Oh My God, Fast and the Furious Series, Life of Pi, Spiderman, Batman, Superman etc. flash before your eyes. You always wondered how the effects of these movies were generated using Computer Graphics. Well the answer to all your questions lie in Design maniac’s Diploma in Visual Effects (VFX).

Here are the details:
Course Duration : 24 Months
Course Pattern : 4 Levels
Minimum Eligibility : Students who have appeared or cleared 10th or 12th or Graduation.
Course Layout :
Level 1 Drawing & Sketching, Audio Editing, Computer Graphics.
Level 2 3D-1, Object Creation, Assigning Textures, Creating Lights, Accomplishing Final Output, Dynamic Simulation-1.
Level 3 3D-2, Modeling Objects, Texture Nodes, Light Nodes, Animation Introduction, Rendering Output, Dynamic Simulation-2.
Level 4 Video Editing, Compositing-1, Compositing-2 (Node Based) and Fluid Simulation. Show reel preparation.
Internship Program Mandatory Internship Program for Industry Exposure
Extra-curricular Activities Creative workshops, Guest Lectures, Exhibitions, Artificial Intellegence
Career Opportunities
  • VFX Artist
  • Compositor
  • SFX Artist
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Titling Artist
  • Etc…
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