Diploma in Fine Arts
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Art in any form is existing since the stone age, only the mediums for drawing has changed. There human were using stones to draw images and scenes on the cave walls. With the evolution, walls changed to slates and stones to chalk which later got converted to paper and pencils. With invention of brushes and colors, canvas were used for paintings. Computers brought a revolution even in art that started Digital Painting and Matt Painting. In Design Maniac’s Course in Fine Arts, you are taught everything from History of Art to Today’s Art.

Course Duration : 6 Months
Course Pattern : 3 Levels of two months each
Minimum Eligibility : 10th
Course Layout :
Level 1
Drawing & Sketching, Shading, Study From Man-made Objects And Nature, Design–2d, Portrait
Level 2
Anatomy Drawing, Character Designing, Color ( Practical & Theory), Landscape
Level 3
Perspective, Painting (Poster Color and Water Color)
Career Opportunities
  • Artist
  • Image Editing Artist
  • Designer
  • Commercial Artist
  • Portrait Artist
  • Nature Artist
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