Swapnil Oswal

Swapnil Oswal


Imagining a life without dreams is virtually impossible. Everyone has his/her own dreams. Someone dreams of having own house, someone dreams of having handsome earnings, someone dreams of having nice life partner, someone dreams of reaching the top, the list is endless. How many of you are able to fulfill your dreams? Not many. Do you know what is Dream called in Sanskrit? It is Swapn or Sapna as you call in Hindi.

A young man has taken this responsibility to not only take you to your dream world but fulfill it also. He is the namesake of dreams, Swapnil.

He firmly believes that “No Youth In The Country Shall Remain Un-employed.”

A mechanical engineer and an MBA (Marketing) by profession, he started his career as a Design Engineer and later worked as a Business Development and Application Engineer in Strategic and Business Planning department at Tata Motors. He has been very active in CSR activities right from his college days. After gaining an overall experience in various departments, he finally decided to start his own venture.